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Oporto is already established worldwide as a reference for tourism in Europe. In the online competition held by the Belgian European Consumers Choice, the northern capital won this year’s award as the best European destination. Oporto brought home the award for the third time in five years. No other city in Europe is such a winner.

The European Consumers Choice awards are no coincidence. Porto is a city differentiated by its quality of life, tourist centres and natural beauty that excites tourists. All of this, of course, showered with lots of entertainment and places of fun that are a must for visitors.

Art and culture

galleries street
Miguel Bombarda street, in Oporto

Mentioning entertainment and culture in Oporto is synonymous with Miguel Bombarda Street. One of the city’s main streets, it is the heart of art in the metropolitan region. Galleries, national and international exhibitions are found there.

“Arthobler, Serpente, Trindade, Fernando Santos, Presença, Artes Solar Santo António, São Mamede and Dama Aflita are the most dynamic art galleries” informs the Visit Porto & North website.

The surroundings of Miguel Bombarda street breathe the cultural air of Oporto. A region known as the “arts quarter”, apart from galleries and exhibitions, music and literature shops and tea houses are other places to get to know.

More culture is at the Serralves Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art. Considered the most important contemporary art museum in Portugal, it is a magnificent place of many colours and culture. Besides the paintings and sculptures, the architecture of the garden in Serralves park is a perfect place for many photos.

Another magical place for cultural entertainment in Oporto is Livraria Lello. Opened over 100 years ago, it is the home of science and letters in the city and recognised by the public as one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world.

Lello is considered one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world
Lello bookshop

Gastronomy and nightlife

Oporto’s gastronomy is another important reason why the city is so appreciated by visitors. And the Âncora d’Ouro Café is among the highlights in this respect.

A centenary Café Âncora d’Ouro opened in 1909 and is therefore one of the most traditional places in the city. Bohemian and very relaxed, spending an afternoon there is almost a must for tourists.

© Alfredo Beleza / Hit the Road
The Francesinha was born in Regaleira

Oporto’s traditional food makes your mouth water. Francesinhas, tripas à moda do Porto, bacalhau and many others. Besides that, the Port wine, known worldwide, can be tasted in several bars, clubs and restaurants in the city. And there are many that bring the best of these dishes and drinks.

In the nightlife, already praised internationally, there is no lack of options for tourists with bars and places for entertainment. Restaurants such as Madeira Taste, Entre Tanto and Portucale enter the list of the most reserved in the city.

Oporto Historic Centre

Recognised by Unesco as a World Heritage Site, the historic centre of Oporto is one of the most beautiful regions of Portugal.

With the Douro River present at all times, you have to know the virtues promenade. “It is a viewpoint with privileged views over the Douro River and its bridges. Especially pleasant at sunset, it is ideal for a late afternoon with glass in hand, reading a book or simply enjoying the urban landscape of Oporto resting after a day walking around the city”, informs Filipe Morato, born in Oporto. Ribeira is also an obligatory stop. This is one of the most pleasant places in the city and important in the city’s history.

Oporto and Douro River
The Douro with the Ribeira in the background

The Portuguese photography centre, a place of many exhibitions and a reference in the art of photography in Porto, is a must even for those who do not like photos. It is another entertainment option with free entrance. Other places in the historic centre, like Estação de São Bento, Torre dos Clérigos, Salão Árabe do Palácio da Bolsa and Ribeira do Porto are also worth a visit.

Oporto’s surroundings

In the north of Portugal, Oporto is in a privileged location. The region is surrounded by touristic highlights, such as Vila Nova de Gaia and Espinho.

Espinho Casino
Espinho Casino

Only 20 minutes by car separate Oporto from Espinho. The city, also privileged for being near the sea, has the night entertainment as its main attraction to visitors. The highlight is the Espinho Casino, one of the biggest in Portugal. Besides the gaming room with slot machines, the casino is very traditional in blackjack, which is secular and traditional worldwide. The place is open most of the year and is always full of tourists.

Vila Nova de Gaia is a city that breathes sports. With 18 kilometres of beach, walking, running and football are found everywhere. Only 4.9 kilometres away from Porto, it is a great city to complete a weekend of leisure.

What more can you ask from a touristic city? Oporto has sport, culture, art, leisure and lots of entertainment. Don’t be surprised if the city wins the award for best European destination in 2018.

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